Budo Live report

Sensei Julian Mallalieu (5th Dan Shito Ryu, 3rd Dan Kobudo)

Sensei Mark Wood (8th Dan Jujutsu, 1st Dan Batto Jutsu)

Sensei Simon Keegan (5th Dan Karate, 5th Dan Jujutsu)

Bushinkai head teacher Simon Keegan writes: “Those who missed Budo Live today I feel missed something special, a wonderful atmosphere with almost 80 dedicated students. I feel honoured (I know that term gets chucked about a lot these days so it’s rare I use it) that Sensei Julian and Sensei Mark invited me to teach today. There were some very senior martial artists training in the line up today – 5th and 6th Dans and association heads as well as students from all over the country. No ego, all just trained with open minds. And I feel this is testament to the spirit Julian and Mark have created with this event. While Julian taught Nunchaku and Mark taught Jujutsu, I introduced the class to our system of Karate Jutsu and Jujutsu (Hakuda Kempo Toshu Jutsu). I taught a very simple entries and blocks, a few chokes and pressure points and some explanation of Karate stances and hand positions. We each taught for five hours and the enthusiasm did not dwindle. A great bunch of people. Thanks again for having me today.”


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